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Property management can be one big headache, especially if you do not live in Cyprus.
If you have a full time job and cannot be available until you finish work to assist your tenant or arrange to fix the problems associated with your property, which by then is sometimes too late, then you need a reliable property management person in place to deal with any emergencies and to look after your property on your behalf. 
Our Management Package offers you a piece of mind that your property and tenant are being taken care of, and you have nothing to worry about.
Here is what we offer for a small monthly fee : 
• Collection of monthly rents and depositing to your account
• Pursuing of late rental payments 
• Ensuring all utility bills are paid for such as water/electric and refuse tax
• Assistance to the tenant and Landlord for any property problems/queries that may arise
• Call outs to the property if required (within working hours)
• Arranging qualified electricians/plumbers/builders etc to fix any problems
• Arranging payment to the relevant persons
If the tenant is departing the property:
• Collection of keys
• Inspection of the property
• Arranging the return of the deposit  – as per contract terms and conditions
• Reading of the electric meter and arranging the account back to the owners name
• Reading of water meter and receiving up to date payment.
• Ensuring the refuse tax is paid for  – according to terms and conditions of contract
• Arranging for a clean of the property so suitable for viewings for new tenancy 
**prices for cleaning of property/any labourers’ jobs carried out are all at an extra expense of the owner** 
Please contact for more information.

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